injured by a malfunctioning saw

injured by a malfunctioning saw

  • How Long Will It Take To Settle Your Personal Injury Case?

    One of the first things that most people ask their personal injury lawyer is "How long will it take to settle my case?" The answer is not a simple one, unfortunately. Every case is different, so there is no way to offer guarantees regarding the time it will take to settle. You can, however, get a general idea of whether it will be a very long time, or a fairly short one by observing a few key things about your case.

  • Watch What You Say To Your Insurance Company After An Accident

    Many individuals wrongly assume that they can tell their insurance company anything to help their case after a car accident; make sure you don't make this mistake. Here is what you should say to your insurance company after you have been involved in a car accident. Remember That All Your Conversations Are Recorded It is easy to zone out when you call your insurance agency and have to listen to the little speech that the agent on the phone gives before your phone call really gets going.

  • Don't Fall For These Myths About Maximum Medical Improvement

    If you are currently in the process of a personal injury lawsuit due to injuries that you sustained because of someone else, you need to know the truth about how maximum medical improvement or MMI relates to your case. Maximum medical improvement is both a legal and medical term that is used to determine if your injuries have healed as much as possible and how your injuries will affect you for the rest of your life.

  • You May Need Assistance Beyond Workers Compensation

    If you've been injured at work, there are a lot of options available for compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the severity of your injury and the circumstances surrounding the incident, but one thing is for sure; if you're not feeling your 100% best after a supposed recovery, you should push for more compensation. Before signing anything, consider a few other options and get in contact with a workers compensation lawyer.

  • Tips to Prevent a Grocery Store Injury & Steps to Take If You Have One

    Accidents have a way of creeping up, and grocery stores have a lot of variables. You should know where accidents are likely to happen in grocery store and what to do if you experience one, and the following guide will help with that. Common Injuries to Avoid Watch out for the following supermarket-related dangers: The produce area—where there are many loose items or items that contain moisture—is a common danger in supermarkets.

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    injured by a malfunctioning saw

    What kind of injuries can you hold someone liable for? How severe do the injuries have to be? When my husband was injured by a faulty saw, we weren't sure what we were going to do. At that time, we didn't have any health insurance and had to try to come up with the money for emergency and long-term medial treatment. This created an impossible time for my family. My husband was out of work and we had medical bills piling up because a product that we paid a lot of money for malfunctioned and injured my husband. So, what can you do when this happens? Read through my blog.